1. The class timing is from 9.30am to3.30pm.

2. Students should be in the class well in time. Those who reach the class early should see that they are engaged in academic activities.

3. The students should take care of the materials provided to them from the college. The parent/guardian will be bound to meet the expenses in case of any damage to the college property

4. Classrooms and surroundings should be kept neat and clean. The tendency to deface the desks in the classrooms and the surrounding walls warrants punitive measures.

5. Parents/guardians should see that their wards are punctual in the class. The students whose attendance falls below 75% will not be allowed to take the examinations.

6. In case of absence the absentee should submit a leave letter duly signed by the parent/guardian on the following day. A fine of Rs.50/day will be charged if the number of days being absent exceeds 10 working days.

7. Parents/guardian should strictly inform the college if a student happens to be absent for more than two working days. If it is a medical case, medical certificate should be produced.

8. No student is allowed to go out without permission after entering the campus.

9. The students are expected to be mature and decent in their behaviour in and outside the college.

10.Every student should be modest and decent in her dressing. Immodest dressing styles will not be allowed.

11.Every student should attend all their examinations conducted in the college. If anyone is absent, the parent/guardian will be held responsible.

12.Parents/guardian should strictly attend all the PTA Meetings held in the college. Parents should meet the teachers from time to time to assess the progress of their ward.

13.Fees once paid will not be refunded on any account. Every student shall pay the total amount of 1st Semester fee, University fee, Caution Deposit and PTA Fund at the time of admission. If any student discontinues her studies, she should pay the complete fees of that semester.

14.Fees of every odd semesters should be paid by 15th July and that of even semesters by 15th Feb of the respective academic years.


Fee Structure as per Government norms. Hostel facilities, Dress Code maintain equality, Well stocked library and reading romm, High tech lab facilitities


To guide the students to the hights of intellectual, social, moral, and cultural horizons and to mould a generation of competent and creative individuals capabale of providing constructive leadership in the new world order.


Strengthened by the divine love in contemplation and motivated to share this love, We dedicate ourselves to foster the individuals intellectually, Spiritually and physically, So that they may have a mature vision of life.